PID Simulation with Arduino

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SPICE simulation of PID controller implemented with Arduino. Simple PID controller for the brightness of a LED.When the LED is close to the photo resistor, varying the potentiometer this increase and decrease the brightness of the LED. If you move the LED away, the PID tries to compensate and turns up the brightness to match the set point. If the set point is too low it will settle for turning off.

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3 reviews for PID Simulation with Arduino

  1. jasimsalih

    thanks,, great JOB

  2. jasimsalih

    how can i open your files ???

  3. empresario2017

    amigo bom dia …. projeto excelente , poderia incluir a biblioteca PID_v1.h ? sem esse arquivo no se possa compilar o projeto . Muito obrigado .

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