Electro-acoustic Echo System of an Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer

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SPICE simulation of an electro-acustic system. The circuit consists of a pulse generator and diode limiters and an acoustic path with the piezoelectric transducer (PZT-5A material). The acoustic path consist of two infinite iron layers X2, X4; transducer body X1, with thickness L=0.5mm; and water layer X3 L=10mm. All acoustic elements cross-sectional area is 1cm2 (S=1e-4m2). The V parameter under X2, X3, X4 is sound speed and d is density (Water: V=1500m/s, d=1000kg/m3; Iron: V=5170m/s, d=7900kg/m3). This model allows the simultaneous evaluation of the electric and acoustic characteristics of a complex piezoelectric system with an acoustic load. This model is very useful for the investigation of the acoustic and electric coupling. It also helps to optimize the transducer’s power amplifier for best acoustic effectiveness.

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