Spark Gap Circuit simulation

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SPICE simulation of a spark circuit. A rectified source of 320V 50hz charges a capacitor until it reaches the voltage, at which the spark gap strikes.

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  • Simple
  • <10
  • Micro-cap
  • 9+
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  • voltage source spark gap and capacitor voltage, gap current spike of current

2 reviews for Spark Gap Circuit simulation

  1. ApurvKumar

    The simulation doesn’t load fully with LTSpice IV. Instead it opens up a file of commands with an error that reads Mutual Inductance card missing coupled inductor key id=2 233 293 684. Please resolve if possible. Thanks.

  2. Dirac842

    Hi ApurvKumar,you can’t load this file with LTspice IV. It’s a Micro-Cap file. You need the 9 or upper version of Mictro-Cap spice simulation software.

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