Conveyor Belt Controller with 8052

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SPICE simulation of a 8052 that controls a conveyor belt.This circuit uses the external ports polling rather then an interrupt based approach, because it avoids the overhead required when calling and returning from an interrupt.This design contains two projects: C implementation built using the Hi-Tech C51-Lite Compiler and Assembly implementation built using the 8051/8052 Metalink Assembler.

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  • Start position Conveyor moves forward Conveyor stops and the tank starts filling the container Final position Double click on MCU to see the window code Source code

2 reviews for Conveyor Belt Controller with 8052

  1. 11111111

    please give me more detail about this projects…..

  2. 4soBRutk12

    Hi,In this project an 8052 atmel is used to interface a conveyor belt. The general purpose port P1B0..P1B3 and P3B0 are set as outputs to control the forward, reverse, stop, speed, and drop actions.The P0B0..P0B3 general purpose port are set as inputs to receive signal by position sensors and the counter value. For detailed info on how to work with Multisim MCU module you can read this

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