SPICE model of LM78XX Voltage Regulators

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transistors level SPICE model of 3 terminal positive voltage regulators LM7805, LM7812 and LM7815.These regulators provide a regulated output respectively of 5, 12 and 15V and supply over 1 Ampere output current.Setting the value of resistance Rx allows us to change between models.

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  • LM7805 input output voltage and 1A output current LM7812 input output voltage and 1A output current LM7815 input output voltage and 1A output current

10 reviews for SPICE model of LM78XX Voltage Regulators

  1. bestili

    hello, I want to use a voltage regulator on my circuit. Since there is no model in pspice orcad capture(16.3) I was thinking use you model. Unfortunately I don’t know how to create a voltage regulator model with model editor and then use it in capture. Your help would be very much appreciated.

  2. daneloctober

    You should install LTSpice, download the file here, extract and open the LM78XX.asc and change the .param value to what regulated voltage you want.

  3. Rever75

    bestili, I’ve uploaded two SPICE libraries for PSpice that contain LM78XX models in a discussion on regulated power supplies of the forum

  4. markovich

    WTH… this file is in an RAR format… what is it? why not ZIP format?

  5. heramban

    can i have an .OLB file where i can simulate it in ORCAD 16.X version.

  6. Rever75

    Hi herambam, I’ve uploaded both .lib and .olb libraries in the discussion SPICE models of LM78XX for PSpice, under Regulated Power Supplies category

  7. fritztheted

    works great, I changed Rx to 2K909 for 8V

  8. januljon

    since this model already contains voltage source and draws 800mA (Rx set for 12v), can I modify it to use it as subcircuit for a larger project I am working on? If so, how? It seems that R19 is not just a simple load resistor since changing it also changes the output voltage.

  9. soffx27

    Amazing, thanks!

  10. zluscher

    Where do I set the input and output net values?

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