Symmetric Power Supply From Unipolar Power Supply

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Circuit provides different symmetric Voltages which sometimes are needed to provide OPAMPS, small audio circuits or test circuits!

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  • This circuit provides a symmetric Power SUPPLY which depends on the unipolar Voltage Source: Battery , PSU or any kind of supply and the current is also limited by them (Internal Resistance)! At least 450mA are easily possible to provide! +/-3V , +/-5V , +/-10V , +/-12V , +/-15V or more, which depends on the Voltage Source , is possible with a voltage offset of +/- 20mV ! The Symmetric Output Voltage is always approximately Input Voltage divided by two! The circuit was tested in real life! So the circuit is ideal for Opamps, small_audio_amplifiers or test circuits which often need symmetric Voltages!

  • Power supply with 32 volt 320mA with a 100Ohm load


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