Precision Temperature Sensor with Arduino

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Simulation of precision integrated temperature sensor LM335 interfaced with Arduino board. The temperature, measured in Celsius and Kelvin is shown on a serial LCd display.

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  • Proteus
  • 7.7+
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  • calibration 25C at 2.984V

5 reviews for Precision Temperature Sensor with Arduino

  1. syeednaveedahsan53

    please send me full detail of Precision Temperature Sensor for Arduino in pdf file at this email id

  2. syeednaveedahsan53

    please send me coding of this project on this email id

  3. joserami

    download the file, the code is inside

  4. nonazaki

    there is design for more than one temperature sensor using ardunio and zigbee module

  5. aleandrob90

    Good to know. Could you simulate the project and upload it?

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