Ring Oscillator with odd number of CMOS Inverters

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this astable circuit, called ring oscillator, is widely used in PLLs or as clock signal in digital circuits. The oscillator consists of a chain of odd number of CMOS inverters that generate an oscillation with a period T equal to 2* N* tp, where N is the number of inverters, and tp is the propagation delay (2 because each inverter switches twice during one period). For a tp equal to 25ps and N=11 we get an oscillation frequency of about 2 GHz

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2 reviews for Ring Oscillator with odd number of CMOS Inverters

  1. cronea01

    Thank you kind sir this is VERY helpful for practicing my circuits!

  2. Hayder

    how to make this circuit run between 3Ghz – 3.2Ghz,

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