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Hi hurhassan

working in PSpice with customizable CMOS model is simple. I use 16.3 version, but it’s the same for 16.5.
Create a new project

for a NMOS take MbreakN from BREAKOUT library and place on the layout
(for a PMOS take a MbreakP)

Select it, right click, “Edit PSpice model”, choose PSpice A/D, and then this window pops up

Excellent libraries for CMOS are available, for example you can use the cmosedu_models
by Jacob Baker. This a library for LTspice, Fortunately, the two syntaxes, with few exceptions, are compatible.To model a NMOS long channel, with 1 um minimum drawn channel length, copy the first .model statement and paste in the editor window, save

At this point right click on the CMOS, choose Edit Properties.Edit L 1u, and for example, W=10u

to perform a DC sweep analysis, draw this simple circuit

Add a netsted DC sweep simulation, and run
this is the PSpice simulation result

that obviously is the same of LTspice

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