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    Hi dears
    I need to simulate circuit that it has a “TLV2772 , Texas Instrument Company” Op Amp but pspice doesn’t has it.
    afteer i search in Texas Instrument Company , i find the paper thta it is a pspice model for TLV2772 but now idon’t know how can i add this device to pspice by use that paper.
    with this comment i send the paper for TLV2772
    please help me
    so thanks for your help


    Hello fered6360

    first thing run the Model Editor that find in All ProgramsCadenceRelease16.XPSpice Accessories

    select Fileopen and choose your library sloj019.lib (rename sloj019.txt in sloj019.lib)

    Select FileModelImportWizard

    click on Replace Symbol

    Select the library opamp.olb and a symbol

    Now check the connections of your library model

    click on next and adjust the pins

    save symbol, this is the result

    Now you can open the .olb library in capture

    you don’t need to repeat this procedure, I’ve attached the .olb library to add
    in the same directory of .lib


    Hi dear,

    so so thanks for your help

    can i have a your email address?

    please send me to

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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