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    1.      May someone please go by the directions and show the design
    and output for it. I would greatly appreciate. Please include the calculations and equations. 


                 1.) Design a RC Wien Bridge oscillator that makes a
    pure sine wave (no clipping or other distortions) at a frequency of 10 kHz.
    Output voltage should be 9 V pp. (20 points)

    2.       2.) Simulate the circuit designed in question 1 and
    show B2spice plot of the output. Mark time periods on the graph (using tool in
    b2spice and hit print screen) used to calculate the frequency. (20 points).
    Output should be within 10% of the design goal.

    3.       3.) Change the design of Question 1 and obtain a
    circuit to create a square wave with ON time = 0.5ms, Off Time= 0.5 ms. Output
    voltage should be 5 V pp. This circuit has only a minor change compared to part
    Question 1. Show B2spice plot for simulation. (20 points)

    4.       4.) Design a differential amplifier with Icq = 0.5
    mA in each BJT and Difference mode gain = 40 for a single ended output for a 5
    kHz signal. (20 points)

    5.       5.) Simulate circuit using CA3046 BJT and measure (1) gain in difference mode, (2) input impedance in
    the difference mode.  Show annotated B2Spice
    plots of Vin, Vout, and Iin.

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