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    I am designing a Data acquisition system with a Texas instruments ADC, Inamps and a ST micro electronics micro controller. I am getting spice models for my inamps, differential amplifiers etc. so that I could do SPICE simulation using any spice softwares. ( I am currently using LT spice)

    I wish to see the output of my ADC if I am providing an input signal with my simulated amplifiers and filters. I am getting an IBIS model of the ADC.

    I am new to these IBIS models. I am not sure what it is used for. When I read some introductory papers, I understood it is also a behavior model. Is it possible to use any of the spice software to import this IBIS model with my existing SPICE models and give some input and get a transient analysis or FFT from the output.? If yes, which tool would be ideal for my application. I heard PSpice could do this. If anyone could give a starting point or show me the way to do it that would be great. Is it possible to use matlab/simulink to do it?

    I am not designing an IC or anything, just to use the discrete components to design an embedded system.



    you can use the PSpice model editor to translate IBIS models to PSpice models: select File, New and from the Model menu select “IBIS Translator…” option. The model editor translates IBIS models up to 1.1 version, but with some changes you can modify a IBIS 2.1 version to make it 1.1 compatible. read more details here:


    You could also use Intusoft’s IBIS2SPICE converter if you design with ICAP/4. The free version supports IBIS models up to 2.0 version. You can download it here



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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