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    I have problems simulating a relay in PSPICE.
    In the picture attached you hace the circuit…really simple one where I am trying to energize the coil of the relay in order to change the position of the contacts.
    I added the Relay_SPDT_b (with bounce) from MIX_MISC.lib
    I run a transient simulation of 100ms.
    If the voltage of Vpulse doesn’t exceed the operate voltage…the simulation runs normally. But if the voltage exceed the Operate Voltage, the voltage in the contacts should change from NO to NC or vice versa, but instead I have a convergence problem (see image below) and I don’t know why.

    It seems that it’s something related with the bouncing in the contact model but I am not sure. Could anybody help me solving this issue? I would be very pleased

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    This is the simulation of your circuit with PSpice 9.2:



    As you can see it works fine.

    On 16.X versions the simulation give an error convergence problem. The simulation profiles are identical.
    I noticed that sometimes there are convergence problems in the last versions not present in the older versions.I think that PSpice programmers have tried to make improvements in the algorithm convergence that in some cases give worse results.

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