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    I am working on project for flyback converter using Ltspice.
    Indeed, I have to insert the parameters for MOSFET inside the model but I have faced some difficulties to get the values from datasheet for these parameters:

    Rd Drain ohmic resistance.
    Rs Source ohmic resistance.
    Is Parasitic diode saturation current
    Rb Body diode resistance.

    Kindly, please can you tell me how to get the values for those parameters from Datasheet. the component I work on it is STW11NM80.

    I would appreciate your interest and your help.

    Looking forward hearing from your side
    Best regards

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    Hi kabbany_fadi ,

    this tutorial is a straightforward guide for SPICE modeling MOSFET from the datasheet.
    Another interesting reference is this.

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    thank you for your reply

    indeed I have found the spice model (in design resources) I need for my desig but I have also two inquiries: 1- I didnt find the whole values i
    need from the model. 2- how can i insert this spice model into my

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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