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    I believe that customers who need to purchase turnkey PCBA services know that circuit boards need to be inspected before mass production. We need to understand the product quality when we come out, and we can obtain quality assurance before PCBA prototype manufacturing. This is a necessary link, and the customer and the turnkey company discuss details and specific parameters before proceeding with production, and pass prototype testing to lay the foundation for further production. Let’s take a look at the importance of this step.


    Prototyping facilitates screening of manufacturers’ capabilities
    A PCBA prototype can give you a clear idea of the strength of a manufacturer, especially for a manufacturer that the two parties have not worked with before. We all know that merchants must have exaggerated descriptions of goods, and the description of their own capabilities by circuit board manufacturers is the same. Therefore, we need to judge its capabilities before choosing a suitable PCBA company, rather than relying on words to understand. In order to eliminate the information difference between the manufacturer and the customer, PCBA prototype proofing provides fairness for this. You can truly understand its strength through the PCBA board samples sent by the manufacturer, so as to determine whether to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

    PCBA Prototypes Reduce Error Rates in Mass Production
    The more high-quality circuit board manufacturers, the greater the processing and manufacturing pressure. A quality turnkey PCBA company must have no shortage of customers, that is, their factories are working almost 24 hours a day. A large number of orders and long work are the main reasons for PCBA defects. After all, PCBA processing needs to go through a series of complex processes. It is impossible to ensure that every board is correct, but a strict PCBA quality control to ensure that every process or processing step is error-free. After the circuit board has been manufactured, it’s possible a complete PCBA test service.

    Testing PCBA samples lays the groundwork for future batch processing.
    The purpose of PCBA testing is to understand the performance and operational response of a new product. The functionally tested samples will lay a good foundation for future mass production. Calculation of appropriate material costs can pre-optimize quality defects, all of which must be demonstrated in advance. Efficient reference handling minimizes unexpected problems during mass production.

    Prototyping PCBs prior to production is critical, as this seems to be the first step in a successful partnership with a recycler. Therefore, for protectors, one needs to select an available PCB manufacturer and provide the manufacturer with the amount or quantity of material required to process the circuit board. After the two parties communicate and negotiate, a formal PCB board inspection is required to lay a good foundation for the next step to strengthen cooperation between the two parties.


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