10 Watt Slone Amplifier

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SPICE simulation of a BJT three stage amplifier .001% AT 10 Watts RMS.

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3 reviews for 10 Watt Slone Amplifier

  1. addypops

    Hi! 🙂 I am looking at building up this circuit for fun for use in my home,are there any parts that you think require a heatsink?

  2. MarCatan

    Hi, add heatsinks for both pairs of darlington transistors

  3. addypops

    Thank you. I’ve actually ordered these parts, will be testing it out soon. What happens if i do not add in a heatsink?? Also I’ve been wondering, I have been simulating this in LTSpice and Pspice, but somehow i keep getting some clipping (I’m assuming its because LTspice sucks at modelling the TIP140 and 147 packages), all i have done is change the voltage rails to 15/-15 v.Thank you for your help! 🙂

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