Transformers models

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This project shows how to model different types of transformers, with library models, mutual coupled inductors, controlled generators, how to model a simple ideal or perfect transformer, or a real transformer with core effects.It explains how study Hysteresis and how to model an ultralinear output tranformer for tubes amplifiers or a limited bandwidth center tap transfomer.

  • For-Credits
  • Intermediate
  • 51-100
  • PSpice
  • 9.1+
  • No
  • ultralinear voltages transformer adapter waves matched impedances T equivalent circuit waveforms core effects current vs frequency hysteresis curve ultralinearTxS-7bf63bae centertapwithdiodesS-51d7fb35 hysteresisS-08d208e0 realtcwithcoreeffcetsS-65339642 txasimpedanceadapterS-c875268e txfilteredS-b39533dc txfrommultimeterS-9bccf4f1 txwithlibrarymodelS-cd308221 txwithTmodelS-05008a23

2 reviews for Transformers models

  1. Dirac842

    Great job, the modeling of transformers is well explained with references to theory.

  2. gutesziel83 (verified owner)

    Very good

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