Digital Clock without Microcontroller

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Proteus simulation of a digital clock with hours/minutes/seconds setting buttons implemented with 74LS160 4-bit binary counters, 74LS21 dual 4-input AND gates, and CD4069 inverter circuits.

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  • Intermediate
  • 51-100
  • Proteus
  • 7.6+
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  • setting buttons PCB 3D view

3 reviews for Digital Clock without Microcontroller

  1. fariyaaa

    i need to ask u few questions regarding this project… and can you plzzzzzzzz provide me with a little magnified proteus diagram??? i need i badly…

  2. fariyaaa

    and if easy can you send me some detail about this on my Id….”

  3. vinaykumar

    Circuit is prope??? can we implement directly i mean to say can we solder directly.

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