Electronic Voting Machine

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Electronic voting system implemented with microcontroller AT89C51, 16×2 LCD alphanumeric display, and three control switches. When toggle switch is in voting mode “Voting mode” is displayed followed by “Please vote”. After a vote being given, “Please wait for authority switch” is displayed and again enable for voting after Control switch being pressed by the voting Authority. When toggle switch is in counting mode “Counting mode” in displayed on the screen, and total number of votes to respective candidate can be displayed on the screen by pressing the respective key assigned to them. Press clear switch when all entries are required to be erased. Clear switch should be pressed before voting procedure. Pressing of key in voting mode is indicated by a buzzer sound. The software is compiled by Keil uvision IDE.

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  • Intermediate
  • 11-20
  • Proteus
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  • flow diagram block diagram of electronic voting machine Keil IDE compiler


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