Simulation of Tetris game with 8051 microcontroller

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SPICE simulation of Tetris game with 8051 microcontroller. The microcontroller AT89C52 implements the famous Tetris game driving an alphanumeric LCD display. The source code is in C.

  • Free
  • Advanced
  • 21-30
  • Proteus
  • 6.5+
  • Yes
  • initial screen set speed set level 5 to start

4 reviews for Simulation of Tetris game with 8051 microcontroller

  1. upopads

    I’m confused how to open in LTspice.

  2. aleandrob90

    Hi, LTspice? this is an Isis Proteus project

  3. pRiNcEMiRaGe

    yes this is an Isis proteus project. but can someone help me with how to change in the code?

  4. aleandrob90

    Hi pRiNcEMiRaGe,You can use uvision keil compiler for example. Create a new uvision project As CPU select Actel/Core8051. Add the files to Source Group: the two .c files (right click and check show include file dependecies) and the.OBJ files. Now you can modify the code. Build it and enjoy.

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