Linear Regulated power supplies part 2

10 Credits


Theory and practical application with SPICE simulation of the main regulated power supplies. Power supply with IC transistor and short circuit protection, Dual supply with IC, Dual supply with transistor and zener, Dual supply with error amplifier and darlington, Regulated supply from 0 Volt, power supply with dual operational amplifier, power supply with error amplifier, several power supplies with IC.

  • For-Credits
  • Intermediate
  • >100
  • PSpice
  • 9.1+
  • No
  • Regulated voltage and current with current limiter the blue line is the limited current of transistor dual power supply with IC dual output regulated dual power supply with zener and transistor dual voltages dual power supply with error amplifier and darlington 8V regulated 12V regulated Power supply from 0Volt Regulation by trimmer Outputs regulated Lower ripper with higher smooth capacitor Power supply with dual operational amplifier Power supply with IC operational amplifier and voltage divider outpu tvoltage regulation fix the voltage with Zener Output regulated Power supply with IC and resistor voltage outputs on smooth capacitor


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