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Access SPICE Libraries Models and Search Engines from Top Electronic Component Manufacturers.

Welcome to this webpage, offering an extensive array of SPICE libraries and resources! If you’re an electronics enthusiast, engineer, or designer, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, find links to SPICE models of various electronic components to meet your modeling needs, optimizing circuit simulations with ease and precision.

SPICE libraries are crucial for accurate circuit simulations, allowing engineers to identify potential issues early and save on costly prototyping. The table below showcases a vast resource of SPICE models from reputable manufacturers, streamlining your search process and focusing on designing innovative electronic systems.

These search engines effortlessly locate SPICE models from specific manufacturers, ensuring precise matching with your physical designs. Whether you’re working on personal projects, conducting research, or engaging in industrial development, these SPICE library links provide you with the tools to make informed decisions and achieve accurate results.

CompanySPICE Devices libraries
logo_adiSearch engine for SPICE simulation models
avx_logoTantalum and niobium oxide capacitors PSpice models
coilcraft_logoRF inductors, Power inductors, wideband Transformers SPICE model files
logodiodesBJTs, Power BJTs, Darlington BJTs, Diodes, Power Mosfets
duncanTubes amplifier SPICE models, transformers, BJT, JFET, Diodes
fairchild_logo2_0Power Mosfets, JFETs, BJTs, Diodes
irf_logoPower Mosfets, Rectifiers, IGBTs, Hexfreds, Schottky diodes
lineartechnologyOp-amps, Instrumentation Amps, Switchin regulators SPICE models
MaximLogoOp-amps, LED drivers SPICE models
microchip_logoOp-amps , comparators, SPICE models
apexHigh voltage Power Amplifier SPICE models
normankorenTubes amplifier SPICE models
nxp.logo_2399415172825729728Logics, Discretes, Analog, Standard Microcontrollers
ON_Semiconductor-logoAnalog, Logic and Discrete parts SPICE simulation models
polyfetrfRF Power Mosfets SPICE models
Logo_STMicroelectronicsOp-amps, timers, RF MOSFET SPICE models
THATlogo2IC device SPICE macro models
logotexasinstOp-amps, Comparators, Voltage References,Video Mux, Switched Input Integrator, Photodiode, SPICE models
vishay_logo_passivePower MOSFETS, Power ICs, Recitifiers SPICE models
vishay_logo_passiveDiodes Rectifiers, Bipolar transistors, MOSFETs/JFETs, Protection Devices, Thyristors, Multi Discrete Modules
vishay_logo_passiveSilicon Carbide MOSFETs
vishay_logo_passive enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon FETs
vishay_logo_passiveCapacitors, Inductors SPICE models
vishay_logo_passiveIGBTs, MOSFETs, Diodes
vishay_logo_passiveTRIACs, SCRs, Thyristors
vishay_logo_passiveSPICE models
vishay_logo_passiveIGBT, SIC MOSFETs, Diodes, Led
vishay_logo_passiveVaristors, Inductors, Thermistors SPICE models

SPICE Software Overview:

This link provides a collection of various SPICE software options, including both free and commercial versions. These software packages are used for modeling and analyzing electronic circuits, catering to different user needs and project requirements.