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This is a 480Watt power boost converter PSpice example. I set a 18V input from the photovoltaic panel and a 48V output.It provides about 10A on a 5 Ohm load. The frequency is 20khz, and the Duty cycle is 0.7 as you can see from the pulse image attached.With this data, the minimum Inductance to use is a 7.5 uH to ensure a continuos condition mode. In the other image you can see the discontinuous mode of the inductor current using a 4uH inductance.For the choice of IGBT pay attentiont to the Ic-Vce characteristic varying the Vge value, and the maximum current that it can provide.In this example an MG75 would be more correct but I don’t have the spice model.for higher frequencies I’d use a power mosfet.



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