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    I’m working on a project in Orcad 16.3, and when I run my circuit simulation i get the curves with different scales.
    I want to see  for example gain curve and  phase curve on the same graph.
    you know how I can display two lines on the same graph with a dB unit and another with a degree  unit? and how i can Transfer this file to Word  with good resolution and different color for each curve ?
     thank you for your help.

    Hello azerty12,

    suppose that you want trace the gain and phase of the circuit output, let’s say Vout. Add the trace DB(Vout), then add in the same plot P(Vout).Now you have the two curves on the same plot with the same scale.
    Click the trace name P(VOut) to select the trace.
    From the Edit menu, select Cut. From the Plot menu, select Add Y axis.
    Again from the Edit menu, select Paste.
    Now you have the two curves in the same plot with different Y axis scales.
    From the Plot menu you can select “Axis settings”, Y Axis tab, and edit axis titles, customize the date range etc.About how to optimally transfer the image on Word I have attached a document that I think will be very useful.


    thank you for your reply, that’s very helpful.


    you  know how I can have simulation curves, of Pspice legible in  word . For example, if I make a simulation of a gain on the frequency range  of 100GHz and I paste this figure  in  word, i see a small  image and the values  are not clear even with zooms 100 on word and also there is always the horizontal and vertical lines of the scales.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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