200 Watt Mosfet Power Amplifier AL-35

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Spice simulation with OrCAD PSpice of a 200Watt Power mosfet amplifier Zestaw AL-35. A 3 stage power amplifier with 2 N-channel Mosfet IRFP240 and 2 P-channel IRFP9240. IRFP9240 models in IRF and PWRMOS libaries are not suitable for performing the simulation correctly, new IRFP9240 models have been imported
.The BD139 NPN transistor model and the medium power PNP transistor MJE350 model are missing in the default PSpice libraries. All the models are inside the .zip file. For adding all .lib and .olb libraries read the readme.txt file.

  • For-Credits
  • Advanced
  • 51-100
  • PSpice
  • 16.6+
  • Yes
  • 1khztransientanalysisR-d0c28e4a ACsweepR-2b152429 FFTtransientoutputR-1f2f1d35 parametricanalysisSETpotentiometerR-eda0a54e al_35_schema_167-809b56fb al_35_bottom_183-0fc51764


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