CMOS Differential Amplifier Input Buffer for high-speed digital design

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SPICE simulation of a CMOS differential amplifier for high speed digital devices. Input buffers are circuits that take a chip’ s input signal, with imperfections such as slow rise and fall times, and convert it into a clean digital signal for use on chip.In order to precisely “slice” input data the decision level signal is crucial; we have two scenarios: a reference voltage may be transmitted on a different signal path, along with the data or the data may be transmitted differentially.In either case a differential amplifier is needed.

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  • DC sweep analysis once fixed Vinm output goes high when Vinp goes above Vinm Buffer Output for different values of Vinm versus Vinp transient response of input buffer for Vinm fixed at 500mV transient response of input buffer for Vinm fixed at 200mV PMOS version of input buffer delays are better in PMOS version of input buffer


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