16 x 128 LED dot matrix screen

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this AT89C52 microcontroller circuit employs 2 3-to-8 line decoder 74HC138, and sixteen 8-stage serial shift registers 74HC595 to drive a 16 x 128 led matrix. The C code is compiled by uVision KEIL compiler.

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5 reviews for 16 x 128 LED dot matrix screen

  1. jito7921

    nice project

  2. windyaelle

    very good project

  3. jigarpatelp

    Thanks for uploading this project but i’m unable to understand it so please can you translate it in English.I’ve tried to translate but unable to do. So please translate it and mail me at jigarpatelp@gmail.com Thank you.

  4. moez

    can you send me the code

  5. Godwin

    The project not working when i stimulate. can u give correct code

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