Serial PIC Programmer for Microcontrollers PIC pin-compatible with PIC16f84

4 Credits


SPICE simulation of a complete PIC Programmer board that implements a classic tait serial programmer through a DB25 connector to the parallel port of a PC. The complete schematic simulates the behavior of a PIC 16F84 already programmed. The real board has been tested with the version 1.05A of IC-PROG software, the driver for NT/2000 available free to download to IC-PROG site, and Windows Xp OS.

  • For-Credits
  • Advanced
  • 51-100
  • Proteus
  • 7.7+
  • Yes
  • Parallel D25 connections IC prog version and nt 2000 driver inside the directory IC prog105a Press F3 and set these options Open options window Enable mclr Misc settings Load hex file and program PIC


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