Board with PIC18F4550 with USB peripheral

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This board uses a PIC18F4550 and simulates the communication through a USB peripheral with a PC with Windows 32 bit version only.When click on the USB connector is identical to plugging in the USB port of your PC, so first you need to install the drivers.The communication with PC is done through the Microchip PDFSUSB Application.

  • Free
  • Advanced
  • 11-20
  • Proteus
  • 7.7+
  • Yes
  • run installer inside usb drivers directory ONLY 32 BIT VERSION install window after installation plug connector and the system find a new hardware install manually the drivers inside SAMPLES_VSMforUSB_PICDEMFSUSB_DEMO_DRIVERS run PICDEM app connect the board from combo control diodes d3 and d4 potentiometer display temperature display


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