RFID Control system for entrance permission

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SPICE simulation of a RFID control system for entrance permission. This project work by RFID technology. Here at most 10 user carts can be verified, but can increase it in c code. First you give your own password for card which you want to save its information. then it waits to pass a card. if card was verified green LED start else other red LED will trigger.

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7 reviews for RFID Control system for entrance permission

  1. tusondz

    Can you tell us the next working principle

  2. Gamesh891

    Hi dashhamidgol, it seems a very interesting project. Could you explain better the sequence of steps, with some screenshots for example please? thank you

  3. dashhamidgol

    Hi.sure.At the first you have to store some card information(here just card number). There is two button near the antenna. first hit the right button for setting the micro and then hit the left one. Now terminal is wait for you to enter a 14 character password.Now LCD shows that your pass is saved in slot 1. for store another cart you have to wait until LCD shows the ‘pass your card’ message.when you stored some carts number, it is ready for test. if enter the correct code, the green led turns on and micro send a signal to RL(relay). when test, just consider enter the key quickly. I had to set a delay while taking keys. for convenient enter a character 14 times in store stage and in test time push that character.there’s no problem if number of character be more than 14 in test time.

  4. dashhamidgol

    An important point is always attention to LCD to show ‘pass your card’ message.”

  5. Gamesh891

    Good Job! thank you

  6. dashhamidgol

    your welcome

  7. agussyahbana

    GOD JOB…thank you very much

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