Arduino Simulation Projects using Arduino Simulation Libraries.

In relation to the PCB assignment, it’s worth mentioning that among the components, the animated red LED remains the sole element lacking an assigned footprint:

Fig. 2 PCB package not specified for the LED component

Fig. 6 PCB package not specified for the LED component

To address this, we need to allocate a footprint to it. Follow these steps: select the component, right-click, and opt for “Make Device:

Make Device window

Fig. 7 Make Device window

Proceed by clicking on “Next,” and then select “Add/Edit”:

Click on "Add/Edit" button

Fig. 8 Click on “Add/Edit” button

The window for “Package Device” will be displayed:

Package Device window

Fig. 9 Package Device window

Click the “Add” button and input the keyword “led” within the “Pick Packages” window. From there, select the LED PACKAGE.

Type "led" on Pick Packages window

Fig. 10 Type “led” on Pick Packages window

Double-click on the first line located under the letter “A”:

Double click

Fig. 11 Double click

Subsequently, click on the anode pin of the PCB:

Click on Anode pin

Fig. 12 Click on Anode pin

Follow the same procedure for the other pin:

Click on Cathode pin

Fig. 13 Click on Cathode pin

Now, proceed to click on the “Assign Packages” button

Packagings window shows the PCB assigned

Fig. 14 Packagings window shows the PCB assigned

click on the “Next” button and opt for the PACKAGE from the Component Properties and Definitions options:


Fig. 15 Select PACKAGE

Keep the Datasheet Filename edit field empty:

Fig. 16 leave blank the datasheet field

Select the USERDVC library, as an example:

choose USERDVC library

Fig. 17 choose USERDVC library

Confirm the update request in the subsequent message box.

Fig. 18 Update message box

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