SPICE modeling of Magnetic Core from Datasheet

Now let’s open a new project and pickup the XFRM_NONLINEAR model from the BREAKOUT library:


Place the component, select it, mouse dx button/Edit Properties

 the property window pops up


write the name of implementation and the path to the library


Report the number of turns of primary and secondary, for example L1_TURNS=29 and L2_TURNS=4


Write tha name of model on the Value property


To calculate the leakage inductance, assuming a primary inductance L1 of 90.4uH, we have before calculate the coupling factor K

K = SQRT( 1-Lps/Lpo)


Lps  is the primary inductance measured with the secondary inductance shorted

Lpo  is the primary inductance measured with the secondary inductance open unconnected.

assuming to obtain k = 0.99, the leakage inductance will be


Lleak = Lp*(1-k^2)

In our case Lleak is 1.79uH.

Calculating in 50mOhm the resistance to the primary, our dual winding transformer model can be this:

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